Saturday, April 4, 2020

In the Garden

Our next assignment was a fun one about perspective and lighting and more.
Ricky - knowing we are all on Lockdown ( my word not the governments) wanted us to explore in our gardens.....

I live in Northern Colorado ... Its cold here - we don't start gardens until May. 

So I told my husband - I am supposed to explore our garden... Thanks Ricky!! that got him thinking and motivated! He decided the he should probably till it up before the next snow to get moisture in it...

Which led him to burning the weeds -

Which Led to - My submission for this lesson!

I knew this class would be good for me! ( ha ha)

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Framing - a new photo class

I so love learning all about photography! There are days I think - Wow! Nailed it, and other I think... i could learn more about this ..... and so....

Since we are all staying in our own spaces lately - I decided to take another Photo Class from Ricky Timms all about Smart phone Photography.

There are times I find myself without my favorite DSLR - but! I have my cell phone with me - so why not try to get better at it!!

The lesson this week was all about purposeful framing, and reducing distractions.

This is my Submission:

I am excited to learn new things and take a moment to really study my phone photography options. How often do you use your phone for your photos?

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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Elk in the Rocky Mountains

We took a little visit up to the Mountains to do a little snowshoeing...

it was a great day!

Isn't he pretty?

Or maybe he should be called Handsome!

We had a great day - it was cold, and a little snowy in spots - but it was a great day to get outside and see what we could see!.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

WWII Memorial in DC

One of my favorite places to go when we Visit in Washington DC is the WWII memorial.

When we visited my Son this last summer, I really wanted to see the Memorials at night. I just thought it would be such a different effect than during the day... and I was right.  It was so neat!

 I think this view ( above) is from the Colorado Pillar

and below - looking at the Lincoln Memorial from the WWII memorial

My Great Uncle was in the Navy at Pearl Harbor when this happened....

Thanks for Visiting!

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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Back to the Beach

Last fall we took a little trip to the beach - for us, that is 4 states away (or more... who counts right?)

we spent a lot of time on the docks and at the shoreline - we met the sailor of this boat, and he was preparing to head to a regatta in southern California, and travel down the coast to Mexico.

He was really cool to talk to. He told us all about his preparations, and the supplies that he had to take. You probably can't see this, as neither did I -  but in that cabin  - he has a complete kitchen, with  a refrigerator and stove! 

(above) is another view of his boat and the Rock!

I love the clouds in the sky and the drama that they add to the view!

This was a fun trip - and it was warm where we were - sadly we left the kids behind .... and they had to do chores in the snow ... I shouldn't laugh -  but, well I did!

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Sunday, January 19, 2020

Estin and the 86'd

My Husband and I got to go on a REAL date!! ha ha - one the didn't have a kids sporting event! and it was a lot of fun!!

In Greeley Colorado - there is the Moxi Theatre in Downtown Greeley - and

was playing. They were opening for Josh Ward.... but we went to see Estin.  The bass player is a friend of ours and we wanted to see if he was any good!  ( Just kidding... we knew he was)

I decided to take my camera to see what shooting in a dark environment might be like - and you know what? It as hard!

But I had fun, and I think I got a few shots that I liked. 

This is the whole band - and I learned that I am not as tall as I thought I was!!

Estin :

The Bass Player - Colton

This one would be my  most favorite,

Thanks for Visiting!!

If you want to check out Estin and the 86d Youtube