Photo a Day

I found a pretty neat challenge on Pinterest called FMS Photo a Day.

Sept 26th Curves:
I was sitting at the curve, waiting for a train, and looked out my back window - so I grabbed my camera, rolled the window down and shot this:

September 20th: In the Morning
I chose two photos - one taken looking West ( the moon) and one taken looking East.
In the morning looking East

In the morning looking West

September 15th: Seasons:
May be the last flowers of the season:

Sept 14th: Liquid:
Amidst the flooding.... this was an appropriate prompt: The South Platte has flooded its banks - the view from my house.

Sept 13: Unexpected:
Yep- he scared the everything out of me... but he is a bull snake... and about 5 ft my house...

September 11th: What I did today:
Which isn't really all of it - I quilted, I edited senior photos, I pillowcased Quilts of Valor - but this... was the big story of the day:

What I did today

September 10th:  Sweet:
The sweet thrill of the finish - the support of an awesome coach.


September 9th:On the Wall:
This is on the wall ny my dining room table - and yes - there is a story ;-)

on the wall

September 8th:  Made by Me:
This one was easier for me.... I have quilts!!!
Made by Me: a pile of quilts

September 7th: White - I guess maybe this is the opposite of white? Or a swatch of white?
A little white 

September 6th: Getting Ready:
Getting ready to pass.... on to the finish line

September 5th: Here Forever:
It is Here that I can sit Forever and watch the skies change:
Here Forever

September 4th: Alone:   Alone is not really something that I think about a lot - there is not really a lot of alone time.
Alone: Alone at the top of the world.

September 3rd: Lines:
I had a hard time with this one - I think it qualifies... following the lines to the finish line:
Lines - to the Finish Line

September 2nd: My Name Begins with:
Thanks goodness its an A

September 1st:  Together:
Together - a Boy and his Puppy

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