Saturday, January 12, 2019

Day 12 - January 2019

Haggard - as in Merle Haggard House
Kern Co Museum - Bakersfield CA

The Haggards moved to Bakersfield from Oklahoma for good. James and Flossie Haggard bought this boxcar from Marianna Bohna for $500, making payments of $10 a month. They moved into the boxcar on Sept. 15, 1935.
James Haggard added a front bedroom, and screened back porch that later is enclosed and converted to a second bedroom and a breakfast nook. The living room, kitchen and bathroom were all fashioned out of the boxcar itself.
They intended for the boxcar home to be temporary, until they could build a bigger home on their Oildale lot. However, the addition of Merle ( to siblings Lillian and Lowell) changed all that.

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