Sunday, January 2, 2022


 We got to take a little trip this fall up to the mountains. We were just kind of hiking and heard a noise. You know how its hard to see through the trees? well it was really hard until....

I saw this:

But once I saw him.... you could not miss him!!

I was quite glad I had a long lens, and quite glad there was some distance between us!

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  1. I have a moose shot taken through foliage taken in Vermont. I did get a better shot but he was between a house and a shed. A friend says you need a large meadow to get a shot.

  2. Great photos! Moose are exciting to see but you were wise to stay far away from him.

  3. I've seen moose on camping trips but from a long distance away. My phone camera doesn't do distance closeups very well. - Margy

  4. That's a great shot through the trees. I love to moose and I love to see them a ways off. They are supposedly very grumpy creatures.


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