Saturday, April 18, 2020

In Phone editing - and the times of Covid

Our lesson this week was on in phone editing. I thought I knew what you could do in the phone, as I have a love for pushing buttons and experimenting, but I learned a few more things about my phone - so that was great.

We were supposed to use these new skills and create a photo with the *in times of Covid* theme.

First - we live on the edge of nowhere, so what people see in town and in communities - we only see on the news.

Second - our biggest change has been everyone coming back home as colleges moved to online learning.

Third - we love to get outdoors - so most of my photos of *in times of covid* are out door photos...

So here is my submission for this challenge:

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  1. I miss not having a horse. I got my first one in junior high school but because I was a city dweller had to sell her and the colt I raised when I got to college. In my 40s, my husband surprised me with a Christmas morning horse. I was still a city dweller so had to keep her in a stable. Now I'm a remote dweller sharing time between a floating cabin, a town condo and traveling on the road in an RV. I may have had to give up owning a horse, but I will never lose those treasured moments. - Margy


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